Autumn Celebration: A Few Thoughts on Fall Weddings

Getting married in autumn does not obligate you to find orange vests for your groomsmen, or to carve a hundred pumpkins, or to somehow merge your wedding into a huge Hallo-wedding-sgiving Spooktacular.

But if you're feeling the colors of fallen leaves, there are many ways to incorporate a bit of the season into your celebration (beyond turkey-shaped centerpieces made from popsicle sticks.) I love these warm-colored wine labels, personalized for the occasion.

image: Country Living

These notched hazelnuts keep placecards from blowing away. You could also use unshelled walnuts and chestnuts as a decorative element in floral or candle arrangements.

image: Sunset

I love this elegant cake decorated in scattered blooms and leaves. But I wouldn't hold it against you if you served teeny pumpkin pies instead.

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