A touch of sun indoors

image: Martha Stewart

Yesterday, I posted some fresh yellow wedding ideas. But after the big day, what about bringing sunny citrus tones into the home? It doesn't have to be much—even just a set of towels or a few curtains in a white room can do it!

Or, brighten things up a little more by filling in the back wall of your bookshelf.

image: Domino

Woodland Wedding

Sticking with the woodland theme...here are some more rustic goodies for fall weddings. I'm kind of in love with the wooden cake stand above.

Into the Woods

Image: Water Monopoly

They're not cheap, but man are these teak bathtubs gorgeous. They're handmade by a boat builder in Scotland and sold by The Water Monopoly in London. I wonder if I could convince my landlord to install one?

While we're talking about lovely things made from trees, let's drool a little over this kitchen from Sunset Magazine. The cupboards are unfinished wood. Love it.

Image: Thomas J. Story,

A Modern, Sunny Celebration

I love these bright, fresh colors for a wedding. How fun are the non-matching bridesmaids dresses above? Incorporating bright colors into a wedding sets a happy, celebratory mood.

image: Erin Hearts Court

Melon, orange, and yellow work together beautifully to brighten the day. These single-color arrangements are sweet and modern.

image: Jose Villa via Alison Events

Top the day off with this square wedding cake. Love the geometric designs!

image: My Sweet and Saucy


If It Rains on Your Wedding Day...

At least you can get some cute shots like these.

image: Lauren Brooks

And huddle close under the umbrella!

image: Hinkley Photo via The Knot

Outfitting your wedding party with a few good looking umbrellas is a great idea, too! Maybe being prepared will even scare the rain away.

Autumn Celebration: A Few Thoughts on Fall Weddings

Getting married in autumn does not obligate you to find orange vests for your groomsmen, or to carve a hundred pumpkins, or to somehow merge your wedding into a huge Hallo-wedding-sgiving Spooktacular.

But if you're feeling the colors of fallen leaves, there are many ways to incorporate a bit of the season into your celebration (beyond turkey-shaped centerpieces made from popsicle sticks.) I love these warm-colored wine labels, personalized for the occasion.

image: Country Living

These notched hazelnuts keep placecards from blowing away. You could also use unshelled walnuts and chestnuts as a decorative element in floral or candle arrangements.

image: Sunset

I love this elegant cake decorated in scattered blooms and leaves. But I wouldn't hold it against you if you served teeny pumpkin pies instead.


While We're Talking Back to School...

These botanical charts were all the rage awhile back, but tricky to find in the States. After seeing this image from the March 2006 Martha Stewart Living, I even considered ordering them directly from Germany! (It was kind of an expensive proposition.)

Now, you can buy something similar, dark background and all, from The Evolution Store!

I like that they're floral without being overly feminine. I could see them in a study or library. Behind a leather couch?


Mariko Jesse

Been ogling the lovely work of Mariko Jesse, whose illustrations I first spied on a new favorite blog, SevenEight. I adore the lettering and the delicate feeling of it all. I particularly love this collection of teapots. (I do find that teapots tend to multiply.) There's something nice about a gathering of mismatched elements.

images: Mariko Jesse

Wouldn't these zodiac drawings make cool ceramic tiles for a kitchen or bathroom?

School Supplies We Clearly Need

Five hundred colored pencils to collect, display, treasure, use. Love the names on each one: a "drizzly afternoon" gray, "briefcase" brown.

Also available in a subscription of 25 pencils a month for 20 months. Kind of a fabulous gift idea.

via black eiffel
images: the 500 pencils project