Green wedding

image: Carrie Patterson

Oh, I love it. Set your bridesmaids free to choose dresses in a wide color family! (It may be helpful to them if you give them guidelines on length / level of formality, and it may actually mean more lengthy discussions than if you just picked something, but it's so cute!)

These earrings would be pretty on the bride or the bridesmaids.

Before planning a wedding, I could not imagine why what all the complicated placecard arrangements and holders were necessary. And then I got married somewhere windy, and wanted everything alphabetized and arranged ahead of time. Love these little succulents and moss!

image: Lisa Lefkowitz

An array of pashminas make a nice gift for your guests in case it gets cold.

image: Carrie Patterson

And a little something sweet.

image: Jasmine Star via My Sweet and Saucy

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  1. I love everything about this post, especially the mismatched green dresses and moss! Genius!